Recyclable Cardboard VR Goggle Project

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Recyclable Cardboard VR Goggles

Our latest VR project

We love VR projects here at Media Plant, and this project for DS Smith, is one that stands out from the rest. DS Smith are a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions Sustainability isn’t a buzzword for them, it’s of paramount importance. DS Smith didn’t just want to talk the talk.

They wanted to walk the walk, and what better way than by showcasing their Kemsley Mill, with a virtual tour. Highlighting what they offer, and giving potential customers an insight into what they were all about. You can take a look at their Virtual Paper Mill Tour here.

The perfect VR usage case & a problem

This is a perfect use case for our custom VR goggle solutions, but for Joe Fox (the Project Manager), it posed a problem.

Traditionally, our VR goggles are laminated, this prevents the units from being recyclable due to the layer of coating on them. This, as they say, was not going to cut the mustard for the DS Smith.

It makes no sense to offer cardboard VR goggles that aren’t recyclable, it would go against everything DS Smith stands for, sustainability. So a different approach was required.

The solution

Working with the client, Joe listened to their concerns and proposed a solution, scrap the lamination. While that may sound like a simple solution, there was another issue, the lenses. The lenses are actually recyclable, but many wouldn’t realise that at first.

The design team at DS Smith, had a plan. Clear instructions on each side of the unit, highlighting that the headset was recyclable, and that the lenses could be removed and popped in a plastics recycling bin.

The end product lent itself more to the ethos that DS Smith lives by, with a real cardboard based feel, and with simple effective artwork the goggles looked fantastic.

Client feedback

Don’t take our word for it, Holly a marketing manager at DS Smith had this to say:

“Our cardboard VR headsets from Media Plant were a hit with both people from across our business and our customers.

The staff at Media Plant were so helpful and responsive, and made a huge effort to meet our tight timescales.

They also went a step further and accommodated our requests to make the headsets as sustainable and recyclable as possible. Will definitely be back in touch for our next VR project!”


Feedback like that makes it all worthwhile, and I know for a fact Joe is over the moon with this, and the end product. I know, because he keeps talking about it.


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