Video Box Project: Locking In New Business

Project: A custom-made Video Box with foam fitments and a 7-inch screen.

It’s portfolio entry time; in this edition, we’re looking at a Video Box project managed by Joe Fox. Before we do, let’s learn more about the company Joe worked with. 

About Asec

Asec is a leading provider of high-quality security products for the domestic and commercial sectors. Asec were looking for a way to showcase their new range of locks for a brand under the Asec roof, namely CAVEO

There’s no doubt video is a powerful tool for showcasing products, and showcasing CAVEO’s new line via video is one thing. When a physical product needs to be picked up and inspected, we looked at a way to combine the two. 

Video Box Specification

Thankfully this was a straightforward process, and working with Asec, we created a custom-sized box with a 7-inch HD screen and foam fitments for CAVEO’s products.

The video box contained two locks, keys, and a cable for charging the video panel. All video boxes we produce come fully charged; however, we recommend adding a cable to the mix. 

This gives customers flexibility, and some may want to store the video boxes for use at a later date. Providing a cable means they can top up the charge and be ready to go for a future event. 

Look through some images of the finished result, it’s a stunning piece, and we’d like to think we did Asec and CAVEO justice. We received a lovely email from the client, who, in their own words, has said, they’re looking at more projects to use our Video Brochures and Video Boxe for.

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