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video in brochure hardback inside

We love a video in a brochure here at Media Plant, and we work on some truly fabulous projects with clients and agencies.

In keeping with our “the proof is in the pudding” approach to our work we thought we’d share with you our latest brochure with a video project. Fresh from our burgeoning archive.

Video Brochure Invitation

First of all, our client wanted a novel way to send out invites to candidates for an event they were holding. You can’t get a more innovative approach than sending a brochure with a video in it.

Built To Specific Needs

The Video Brochure had to be robust and as it was being sent out via direct mail (we also handled the fulfilment) it needed an outer mailer to protect it in transit.

A Full Custom Branded Mailer

With a full-colour print throughout our branded mail pack solution fit the bill. With clear messaging about the event in question and striking artwork, it stands out. Which is precisely what our client wanted, to pique the recipient’s interest.

Video Brochure Specification

Our client wanted something with a luxury feel to it, considering where the event was being held. It had to scream quality, not one to shy away from a demanding brief, we embraced the challenge.

With a hardback construct, for rigidity, the video in a brochure project had to have a few more quirks to it. In terms of build, it needed to hold some literature on the inside front.

So we created a curved inside front pocket to do just that, without ruining the overall aesthetic.

Behind this pocket were details about the event along with timings. With a lovely SPOT UV effect running vertically along with the event details.

With more SPOT UV priningt to specific areas on the front of the brochure, and some rather striking silver foil blocking it’s a thing of beauty.

The section with a video panel has SPOT UV for the button icons and the event name.

Inside The Video Brochure

Screen wise, it’s a 7 inch HD IPS screen (In-Plane Switching) which essentially means you can view the content from any angle. With crisp visuals, and a print finish to be proud of the finished brochure looks fantastic.

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