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Video Presentation Box

We’ve worked on countless Video Brochure projects over the years, and of late more and more are looking at video presentation boxes for video content. Our client came to us looking for something innovative, something different, and had specific requirements.

This particular video presentation box needed to stand out, working with our client we were able to come up with something out of the box (no pun intended).

Our very own, Joe Fox, was on hand to come up with a novel way of pitching for business using a video presentation box.

The video box required a foam fitment to house various items along with the charging USB cable. The main focus was to wow potentially interested parties, and ensure the company is long remembered after the meeting had finished.

First, the screen had to stand out, drawing the recipient in. Joe went with a 7-inch screen with IPS (In Plain Switching). This essentially means the video content can be viewed from any angle.

Which, with people crowding around the box to watch the content, meant no one missed out.

Using a magnetic system, once the presentation box lid is opened, the video will start to play. The client required two videos, one was extolling the services/pitch and the second was a series of testimonials to back their offering.

With four buttons in total, one for each video, and volume controls. Users can happily skip between the video content, and of course adjust volume accordingly.

Video Box Contents

Comprising a branded pen, business card, a branded power bank, on top of this was a piece of literature. Joe went to work on the best possible layout, again drawing the user in and going for the wow factor.

It’s a hard balance to get right, the main focus needs to be the video content, thankfully Joe’s recommendations meant the video screen was at the forefront.

The end result? A stunning Video box, helping win new business for our client, the perfect accompaniment to their quality offering. 

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