Vinyl Record Production For Ariwa Records

With visually striking artwork, this vinyl record project stands out from the rest.
Ariwa Records Vinyl Production

Sarah has fast become a bit of a guru when it comes to vinyl record pressing. This production for Ariwa Records, see’s her notch up yet another successful vinyl project.

With fantastic artwork on display, and a coloured vinyl record, this album looks super slick.

Ariwa is ever conscious of the impact of packaging on the environment. Sarah knew of this and put forward a recommendation.

After consultation, Ariwa chose to use a resealable outer protective sleeve, rather than single use throw away shrink wrap.

This is mutually beneficial to the preservation of the album for collectors, and the environment.

Vinyl project specifications:

  • 12″ coloured vinyl
  • 3 mm spine
  • Printed sleeve
  • Resealable outer sleeve.
  • Turnaround time: 18 weeks
  • Quantity of vinyl records: 500

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