Video Brochure Box For Vinyl Records

Video Brochure box 12 inch Vinyl record in sleeve

Hey, we’re all for innovation here at Media Plant.

Working with clients to offer something new, this time around, we have this beauty a Video Brochure box. This prototype has been engineered to highlight a collectors edition of a well-known recording artist, for one of our clients.

We thought we’d share the concept with as it’s pretty impressive. Sure it’s not printed yet, and it’s purely a prototype, even in its unprinted state it looks fantastic.

With housing for a 12-inch vinyl record, cut to shape. Plus space under this for literature or another record a 7-inch vinyl in this case.

With a 7-inch HD IPS screen, function buttons, such as play/pause and volume up and down.

The screen is a great way to display concert footage, history of a recording artist/band and much more.

It’s a real collector’s piece, and we’re receiving a lot of interest in the concept. We like to innovate here at Media Plant, and it’s one of our key strengths.

Video Brochure Box For Vinyl Records - Custom Made Video Box

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