Coloured Vinyl Records Project

coloured vinyl records

One of our Project Managers, Sarah Eden, recently worked on a rather snazzy coloured Vinyl record project, for one of her clients. Sarah loves working on Vinyl record projects, and likes to show them off around the office.

This particular record was made for her client Forte Distribution and is a repress of an album by Dion Lunadon from 2018.

A relatively short run Vinyl project, with only 500 produced, this particular project stood out. Not just because of the minimal artwork on the Vinyl sleeve, it was the colour of the record itself.

With a transparent red effect, it was the finishing touch to this limited short run repress.

Coloured vinyl records are a great way to get noticed, coupled with quality artwork. It’s a sure fire way to get into a customers vinyl collection.

Limited edition records often end up being must buys for music lovers, and as a result we’re seeing more and more requests for coloured Vinyl records.

With plenty of options to choose from, from Vinyl record colours, as well as Vinyl packaging, we have everything in place to ensure your music project looks and sounds the part.

Why not take a look at some images of this project below, and if you’d like to speak to Sarah, give her a call on 01793 863908, or use the form at the base of this post!

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