Blu-ray Replication Project

A special Edition Blu-ray for film publisher

Working with MegaCity Films, Sarah was tasked with managing a Blu-ray replication project for the film Dard Divorce. Sarah was on hand to offer advice and manage the process to ensure the smooth delivery of the film for fans. 

Blu-ray replication can be a daunting task for those who are unfamiliar with the process. With Sarah’s in-depth knowledge of Blu-ray, she advised and helped with file formats and AACS licencing

This multi-region Blu-ray is packed full of extra features, from interviews with cast members to a behind-the-scenes look from the director and more.

We love our clients here at Media Plant, and Sarah went above and beyond as usual. The end result? A very happy customer! 👇

Client testimonial

I worked with Sarah and Media Plant on a special edition Blu-Ray release of the film Dard Divorce by Olaf Ittenbach.
Sarah was phenomenal, absolutely professional and extremely friendly to work with.

Sarah walked me through the whole process, and even pointed me in the right direction on where to obtain a license in order to manufacture & release pressed Blu-Rays.

She has since been extremely supportive of my company and also all of my artistic endeavours.

Honestly, Sarah is one of the best people I’ve worked with and it was an absolute pleasure. I could tell she is passionate about film and music and her craft, smart and knowledgeable, and very helpful and communicative.

I look forward to working with Sarah and Media Plant on more releases.

You can find out more about this project at MegaCity media.

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Fun fact: if you're looking for short-run Blu-ray duplication and don't want the hassle of AACS licencing, pre-recorded Blu-rays have the licence built in. Perfect for back catalogue titles and more; for details, give Sarah a call on 01793 863908.

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