9 Of The Best Video Brochures Created By Media Plant

9 Of The Best Video Brochures Created By Media Plant

A Collection Of Video Brochures Built By Our Loving Hands

Video Brochures are without a doubt an incredibly popular choice when it comes to marketing video content. Video Brochures make awesome leave behinds for presentations, a sure fire way to generate business via direct mail campaigns and much more besides.

They are growing in popularity due to one simple and salient fact, they work.

We’ve been helping companies promote brands, products and more for going on five years now. It’s through this experience working with major brands/companies and SME’s that we’ve built up an enviable portfolio of work.

To that end, we thought you might like to see some of the Video Brochure work we have created over the last few years in particular.

9 Of The Best Video Brochures Created By Media Plant

This one’s an absolute beast of a Video Brochure Box. We love this one at Media Plant; in fact, we think it’s the best Video Brochure we have ever done!

This particular Video Brochure project showcases what is possible with our solution. With a custom foam fitment for our custom USB solution and the clients marketing materials, this one is a standout.

It’s made from faux leather with a wooden interior, with a lovely reflective silver foil block printing to the box lid, buttons and logo.

Worth noting this Video Brochure has a massive 10-inch screen, so the video content stands out!

All in all it really is a stand out and as mentioned really does show what is possible from a client brief.

9 Of The Best Video Brochures Created By Media Plant

Another favourite here at Media Plant, this mini marvel comes in at 90mm by 50mm in terms of size. Small, yes. However, this particular unit is the ultimate in business cards.

With a 2.4-inch screen showing information relevant to the organisation, this unit amazes and astounds recipients! Just because it’s small it doesn’t detract from the impact it creates with end recipients.

The Business Card Video Brochure is one of the most cost-effective ways to use a Video Brochure, in terms of pricing it’s the lowest cost Video Brochure we offer.

Perfect for events, giveaways and of course to hand out to prospects after a meeting 🙂

9 Of The Best Video Brochures Created By Media Plant

This one was actually for Specsavers, highlighting a new range of eye-wear from GANT.

With its custom foam fitment, it holds a printed USB (which we also produced!) and a pair of GANT glasses.

With a 5 inch screen, this Video Brochure Box gives a real air of a luxury retail item.

Open opening the box; the user gets greeted with a video all about the glasses, the USB held data and info on the glasses, so the recipient had everything they needed to know about GANT.

9 Of The Best Video Brochures Created By Media Plant

Love this one! This tri-fold Video Brochure came complete with branded mail pack as well.

The mail pack makes a perfect accompaniment when using Video Brochures for direct mail; not only does it protect the brochure, it can also be branded for a more professional finish.

With a 7 inch screen, function buttons and more. It’s a striking piece and a perfect example of what is possible for a direct mail campaign.

With maximum print area for messaging / branding this A5 Video Brochure is a standout.

9 Of The Best Video Brochures Created By Media Plant

The artwork in this A5 Video Brochure is awesome, it’s visually striking and a real stand out from some of the other Video Brochures we have made.

With product information displayed clearly and cleanly, this brochure is to the point.

That’s what makes it work, couple that with a 5-inch screen and more product information in video form this piece of marketing material is rather awesome.

9 Of The Best Video Brochures Created By Media Plant

Yes, you can get Video Brochures in A6 size! You can get them in a wealth of sizes and designs. We’ve worked on some real bespoke projects here at Media Plant.

This particular unit is for a car manufacturer highlighting their latest model to users.

Although smaller than the A5, it does not diminish in terms of impact and does the job very admirably.

Those looking for more room for messaging may well favour an A5 Video Brochure or indeed and A4.

9 Of The Best Video Brochures Created By Media Plant

Some companies prefer a hardback Video Brochure (think hardback book) compared to the rather popular choice the softback Video Brochure.

In terms of creating an impression via video content, they both will do the job admirably.

Some clients prefer the rigidity of a hardback brochure as they feel it’s a better representation of their brand.

Hardback Video Brochures are a more expensive choice in terms of Video Brochure pricing, but for added impact they are worth the extra investment.

9 Of The Best Video Brochures Created By Media Plant

Looking for something bigger in terms of Video Brochure? Then the A4 may well be just the ticket.

With a larger area for printing and branding, the A4 Video Brochure is a popular choice among our clients.

With plenty of space for a video display, we advise clients to be careful in not picking a screen that’s too small.

After all our clients have invested time in their video content, they don’t want it getting lost in the ether.

This A4 Video Brochure is housing a 7 inch screen and looks pretty darn awesome.

9 Of The Best Video Brochures Created By Media Plant

Another beauty and again something that’s entirely possible in terms of Video Brochures.

This particular unit is an A5 hardback with a 7-inch screen and a front inside pocket to house literature.

It’s worth noting that some of our clients like to include a booklet in their complete brochure, using providing more information to end users.

We can accommodate this; we need to know the predetermined thickness and size, so everything fits quite snugly.

This brochure has a lovely spot UV finish to the front and rear cover, which is the perfect finishing touch.

Unlike other companies pertaining to offer Video Brochures, we don’t have a price list for Video Brochures. There’s no point, why? 

Well by offering Video Brochure prices, you’re immediately at a disadvantage as a customer. You see an all in price for say an A5 Video Brochure would be misleading; chances are you will not need all the bells and whistles for your project.

We offer a consultative approach here at Media Plant; we work with you to ascertain your needs and how you would like your Video Brochure built. That way you get a fair competitive price based on your needs.

We don’t offer cheap Video Brochures, things that fall apart after six months, hey if you want cheap Video Brochures, we don’t want your business.

We only offer quality here at Media Plant; we stand by our class. We’re representing your brand through our output of quality Video Brochures; you don’t want sub-par product do you?

If you’d like to get in touch and discuss your Video Brochure needs, please, by all means, give us a call on 01793 863901 today, ask for Keanu or Joe and we’ll be on hand to help you.

Alternatively, if you’d like a quote and don’t have the time to chat, simply fill in the quote request form.

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