A5 Video Brochure Project

A5 Video brochure 7 inch screen recess for cable

A Video Brochure with a difference

This particular Video Brochure needed to be sleek and allow users to recharge it and use it time and time again.

They also wanted to be able to swap out the video content, by keeping the branding generic, they could change the video content via the USB cable.

Now due to the nature of our Video Brochure solution, recharging is no problem (all our brochures are rechargeable), the client wanted a way to house the cable inside the unit.

Step-up Media Plant, our suggestion of incorporating the USB charging cable in a recess directly below the 7 inch HD IPS screen worked a treat.

The unit closes nicely, is compact and the charging cable fits very nicely indeed. An excellent looking piece ready for the clients intended audience. It’s a beauty, and we’re rather proud of it here at Media Plant.

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