Heriot Band CD Duplication By Media Plant

Heriot CD Duplication in card wallet

Heriot looks to Media Plant to create a high-quality CD in Card wallet.

Heriot, a doom/hardcore band, based in Swindon got in contact with us to duplicate their CDs as part of a promo. The idea being they wanted a professional looking CD with a high-quality card wallet to pass on to people in the music industry, to generate some buzz.

Heriot gave us MP3 files for conversion to CD audio. By converting the data, we made sure that there sound could play in all CD players.

After that, we thermally printed the CD on bodies to ensure the black had enough depth, then packed them all up into high quality printed CD card wallets for distribution.

We think they look rather good. 

If you’d like to find out more about Heriot, then why not take a look at them on Facebook here. Their Facebook page has loads of information about the band, photographs upcoming gigs and more. It should give you a real insight into the group itself, so take a look already.

Or if you would like to see past albums, view their band website here.

Heriot CD Duplication in card wallet

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