DVD Box set Project

DVD Box set

We’ve got loads and loads of DVD projects in the archives, so we’ve dusted a few of them off, and we’ll start adding more DVD replication/duplication projects in the future.

This particular project made use of our DVD replication service. The project required 4 DVDs to be created, now here comes the interesting part.

The client wanted to offer a multi DVD box set, as the box set was geared towards children, it needed to be protected in terms of packaging. Especially as the client was offering these to schools, so keeping the DVDs safe was a critical matter.

Joe Fox, had to come up with a novel approach of getting 4 DVDs packaged in a way that not only looked retail ready, but offered plenty of protection.

So Joe, being Joe, offered the client DVD replication (as this project was for thousands of DVDs) and replication is a more cost-effective method for larger numbers of DVDs.

Each DVD came in a transparent DVD case, with a full colour print, an inlay, and a protective outer card sleeve. For even more protection and thinking outside the box (forgive the pun), Joe came up with the idea of a printed walled DVD case.

This meant the DVDs had maximum protection, and could be easily stored on a shelf, with either the teachers or the pupils placing the DVDs back into the walled case.

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