Orangutan Appeal UK DVD

Orangutan Appeal UK DVD

DVD Project by Media Plant

Sarah, a member of the Media Plant team, was lucky enough to be involved in a project for a more than worthy cause. Namely the Orangutan Appeal UK.

Orangutan Appeal UK had made a short film and decided to put it onto a DVD. The film highlights the plight of the Orangutan suffered by the behaviour of humans in the rainforests of Malaysian Borneo.

The film showcased the work carried out at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in conjunction with Orangutan Appeal UK.

They wanted the film made into a DVD to bring awareness to a broader audience.

Sarah was on hand to help with the DVD duplication of 500 units. As well as providing in-house mastering services, packed them into black DVD cases and printed a single DVD wrap for them, as well as cello wrapping the finished article.

A worthy cause

This particular cause was close to Sarah’s heart and indeed the heart of our MD. As a result, we completed the project at no cost to the appeal, by way of our contribution.

If you’d like to make your contribution to the Orangutan Appeal UK, please do take a moment to visit their website for details.

The work they provide is fantastic, and they are making a difference, be a part of this fantastic charity and make a donation today.

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