Lord Vapour Pink Vinyl Record Project

Lord Vapour Vinyl Record Project

New Vinyl Project By Media Plant

Another Media Plant project and another awesome one at that. By one of our Vinyl specialists, Sarah Eden.

Working with the record label Magic Moustache, Sarah came up with a Pink Vinyl record for an upcoming release for the band Lord Vapour.

Lord Vapour formed in 2014 and their sound ranges from 70’s rock to desert stoner with elements for doom thrown in, keeping it fresh.

Magic Moustache and the band wanted to stand out with their record release, so naturally, Sarah was on hand to help them with it.

Lord Vapour Vinyl record specification

12-inch Vinyl record in opaque pink (looks fantastic) pressed from content provided packed into a full colour printed gatefold 12-inch wallet.

The artwork itself is a thing of beauty with and compliments the Vinyl record itself. To say the artwork stands out would be an understatement, it’s got a classic 70’s trippy feel to it and looks fantastic.

The artwork was put together by Mont Doom artwork take a look at their Facebook page here for more impressive pieces.

For more information about Lord Vapour

If you’re keen to find out more about Lord Vapour, feel free to give them a social stalk on the links below 🙂
Lord Vapour on Facebook 
Lord Vapour Bandcamp
Lord Vapour on Instagram
Lord Vapour on Twitter

Don’t forget if you liked the artwork for this release please do check out Mont Doom’s Facebook page for more inspiring pieces of art.

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