A4 Video Brochure Box 7 Inch Screen

A4 Video Brochure Box
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This Video Brochure is a little different from all the others we have produced. Working with our client Media Plant came up with a solution to be given out to resellers at a specific event.

It’s an A4 Video Brochure with a 7-inch screen and nine buttons in a portrait style. The buttons themselves all lead to a specific product related video file.

It has an on / off button as well as volume up and down. Adjacent to the screen is a custom insert section for the client to add in literature, a t-shirt and lots of other goodies about their brand and products.

This Video Brochure box/folder is a standout in work we have done, and we are incredibly proud of the quality of this Video Brochure.

Visually striking with a varied range of videos and degree of interactivity as well as being able to house product-specific information in the form of other printed materials.

  • A4 hardback portrait box
  • Nine buttons
  • 1GB memory
  • 7-inch screen for maximum display in portrait style
  • Hardback for durability
  • Custom box depth to house product-specific content

Video Brochure customer review

We used the Video Brochure boxes to present our new seasons product and services to our global distributors. It allowed us to present the information in an interesting and engaging way, far beyond the capabilities of standard printed media.
A4 Video Brochure Box
Video Brochure Customer
Review rating

If you would like something similar to the A4 Video Brochure box, then call us today on 01793 863901 and let’s get your Video Brochure project off to a flying start with a quality result you can be proud of. If you’re not a fan of the phone method, then fill in the form, and we will get in touch ASAP.

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