CD Duplication

UK based duplication for your CD. Use Media Plants in-house duplication for a fast turnaround.

CD Duplication

CD Duplication is a great way to duplicate your media, with a quick turnaround our duplication service means you can have your discs in a relatively short period.

So if you’re a musician, a software company or have data that needs duplication on to a CD, then our service will more than meet your needs.

With our state of the art equipment, the duplication of CD’s is all done in house. Meaning you get high-quality, affordable CD Duplication as and when you need it.

With our high-quality professional CD printing service, your CDs will be duplicated to the highest standard available. On superior quality CDRs with an excellent colour print to add the finishing touch.

We can duplicate various forms of media, in this case, CDs with an ultra-quick turnaround. We also offer high-end digital printing and packaging for your CDs.

All of our duplication services, be it for CD, DVD or even USB duplication are all done in house. We don’t farm your CD project out, we like to keep it here with us, that way we know, it’s going to be quality.

There’s a wealth of reasons to use our CD duplication service, from our fast turnaround, knowledgeable staff and more. Plus the fact we want you back as a client.

How do we do that? By offering a cost-effective quality CD duplication service putting your needs first.

With our in-house CD duplication equipment, we can duplicate your CD quickly on to grade ‘A’ CDRs.

This means your sound or data will have the highest quality playback on the market.

Add a digital print to the CD on the body or a thermal copy, and you have a high-end product ready for your needs.

If you’ve never duplicated a CD before and are worried on how to do go about it or find it a daunting prospect, relax.

Our team are on hand to guide you through the whole process.

They can advise on packaging, how to get your CD content to us and more.

Everyone has a budget, we know that. You know that. That’s why here at Media Plant we work with you to maximise the results for your CD project.

While keeping in line with your overall budget. Why pay more for things you don’t need?

With plenty of different options for CD packaging available it can be an overwhelming task finding something suitable for your CD project.

Again Media Plant is on hand to help with advice on getting the best results from print and packaging for your CD.

CD Duplication is an incredibly quick way for you to get your media onto a CD, ready for your next promotional event or indeed a sale.

In fact, we deal with many different types of clients from bands, large corporate companies and more. Every client has different needs, and Media Plant can cater for them all.

Musicians looking to get their sound onto a CD or a limited run of a specific EP or album without being tied to thousands of CDs.

If you’re in the software business be it application software or gaming and are looking for a way to reduce costs and not hold thousands of units, our CD duplication service is for you.

If you’re thinking of running an event or promotion, then CDs can be a great way to promote. Our CD duplication service and associated packaging mean you can enjoy low run CD production at the quantity you need for your event.

Speed is the real main benefit along with a superior print finish for your CD artwork. Quick turnaround and quality product delivered to your door.

Every CD that goes out of the gate at Media Plant adheres to stringent quality procedures ensuring your duplicated CD passes our seal of approval.

Due to the nature of CD duplication with speed and versatility, it’s ideal for low runs of a CD.

So if you only need a set amount of CDs and the idea of replicating thousands and being stuck with units you can’t shift, then this service is for you.

Every single CD we duplicate goes through a stringent error checking process.

Ensuring you are left with grade ‘A’ CDRs with an on body CD print that works as they should do. Everything that moves our door has to be quality, we live by that code.

CD Duplication offers an ultra-quick turnaround time; in fact, it can be as little as 3 days.

That’s providing you have all the artwork and content ready to roll, typical times are 3-5 days. For CD duplication in bulk, we’ve turned around some jobs the next day.

If you have questions on CD Duplication, you might like are FAQ. Take a moment to see if the duplication of CDs is right for your needs.

What’s the minimum amount I can duplicate?

The minimum quantity we will duplicate is 50 units. We will not quote on anything below this as it’s cost prohibitive.

How quickly can I get my CDs duplicated?

It all depends on the packaging type you want. If you wanted something like a CD in a card wallet that would take 5 days. Everything else is 2-5 days depending on the schedule.

Do you provide artwork templates?

Of course, whatever product you choose to go with in terms of CD packaging, we will have the right template for you. We will send you instructions on how to set up your artwork for optimum print.

How do I get my content to you?

We have a few different ways for you to get your content to us. We offer an FTP service so you can upload your content to us, we also have our WeTransfer links, if you can’t use FTP.
Lastly, there’s always the post; you can send us your master via good old fashioned mail.

Will I get help from you with my CD project?

We have an excellent team of industry professionals here at Media Plant. There will always be someone on hand to help you with any queries you have.
That’s what sets us apart from our companies, and we care that you get the results you need. We want your business and future business.

What’s the difference between CD Duplication & CD Replication?

For example, one is speed. CD Duplication has a turnaround time of 1-5 days (depending on the packaging required).
The other difference is that CD Replication sees your CD physically made from a glass master. This, in turn, contains your data, be it music or software.
It’s a long process; however, the costs of CD replication are lower than that of CD duplication, if you can wait for the turnaround time.
The Glass master is used to create a stamper. The stamper is used to create a physical disc from polycarbonate.
CD duplication is quicker in terms of turnaround times. Because we use grade ‘A’ physical CDRs, then duplicate the content on to them. It’s faster as the CD already exists as opposed to CD replication.

Looking for real world reviews from our customers? Fill your boots, they love us and we love them.

If you do have any questions about CD duplication or indeed require a quote on CD Duplication, then please feel free to call us on 01793 498040 today. If you’re the shy type and don’t have time to talk you can always fill in our quote form and grab yourself a competitive quote on CD Duplication by Media Plant.

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