Audio Cassette USB Drive

Audio Cassette USB Drive

Retro Cassette Shaped USB Drive Project

The Audio Cassette USB project created for a band who wanted to stand out from the competition. The band elected for a retro USB cassette shape complete with a sticker to give it that old school feeling.

The unit itself is red (choices are black/white/ red) and stands out, complete with the sticker it certainly looks like an old audio cassette. The band in question is called E L L I S I O N, you can find out more about the group itself on their Facebook page here.

As part of the process we did listen to some of the tracks by E L L I S I O N, and one particular favourite of ours was WreckMe featuring Pixii, it’s an excellent track.

A USB that looks like a retro cassette tape

Yes, this retro USB was indeed designed to look like an audio cassette which was very popular back in the day.

With the resurgence of all things retro, such as Vinyl and what not, E L L I S I O N looked to embrace a new way to reach out.

The USB is striking and has created a real talking point in the Media Plant HQ!

Cassette Tape USB Drive Features:

  • Choice of three colours for the Cassette USB from White / Black / Red
  • Optional full colour printed sticker with track details on both sides
  • Optional Cassette tape holder
  • Optional J-Card printed insert to give it the finishing touch
  • Various USB memory sizes available, i.e. 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and upwards

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