The Celtic Manor Resort Packaging & Branded USB Projects

The Celtic Manor Resort Packaging & Branded USB Projects

Media Plant helps with custom packaging and branded USB.

Over the years Media Plant has worked with some major companies in the leisure and tourism sector providing a multitude of different products and services, everything from promotional DVDs, CDs, promotional products and a whole lot more besides.

We thought we would bring to light some of the work we have done for The Celtic Manor Resort which includes custom packaging and branded USB sticks.

Media Plant has been lucky enough to have been working with The Celtic Manor Resort for over three years on a variety of projects.

Custom Packaging Gift Boxes For Vouchers

Promoting quality and luxury The Celtic Manor looked to offer a more personal touch to vouchers purchased from them as gifts.

Media Plant was on hand and took the project from concept right through to the production of high-quality voucher boxes.

The boxes themselves were in keeping with The Celtic Manors brand and promoted the same quality and luxury they are renowned for, encouraging an unparalleled customer experience for the intended recipient.

Delivered directly to the customer’s door, these gift boxes gave that little added extra you would expect from a premier resort.

Branded USB Sticks – For Events & Exhibitions

For the sales and marketing team what better way to promote their brand than with a branded USB stick. Again Media Plant was on hand to provide branded USB sticks complete with The Celtic Manor’s well-known logo.

These were handed out at exhibitions, trade shows and more.

Each USB was pre-loaded by Media Plant with our in-house USB duplication service with PDFs and links to The Celtic Manor Resorts website providing a more tailored marketing approach.

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