Gant Video Brochure A Video In A Box

Gant Video Brochure In A Box

Media Plant helps with promoting the Gant range of eye-wear to Specsavers opticians.

Working in conjunction with a design agency, Media Plant were on hand to help deliver something a little different. Gant needed something that was as visually striking and evocative of their lifestyle brand.

Now Video Brochures are a thing of beauty they work, plain and simple if you’re in marketing or looking at new ways to engage with clients/prospects they do the job. Very well might we add?

However every now and again you need to go above and beyond.

So this solution the Video In A Box is a perfect marriage between video content and the actual product.

The Video In Box has a 5-inch screen and works on a light sensor which is triggered obviously by light.

It has a custom made recess to house a pair of glasses which was a new line from Gant as well as a custom printed USB with the Specsavers logo on it.

As these units were for Specsavers, the video content and the USB contained more product information about Gant’s range of eye-wear.

Media Plant took care of everything from the custom foam fitment, the USB and of course the Video Brochure box.

I think we can all agree it turned out very well indeed.

Take a look at some images of this box below

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