Branded Twister USB & USB Packaging

Branded USB Twisters and USB-packaging

Media Plant helps Norwegian Cruise Lines sail through an event.

Norwegian Cruise Line has been using our services for just over three years now our relationship continues to grow and serves to highlight what we can offer those in the leisure and tourism sector.

NCL enjoy our vast and varied portfolio of services and products. Over the years we have produced some DVDs highlighting offers and promotions and announcements of additions to their range of premier cruise liners and holiday packages.

These are traditionally used as the point of sale tools in travel agents not to mention used at travel exhibitions, trade fairs and more.

As well as enjoying our in-house quick turnaround DVD duplication service Norwegian Cruise Line has also utilized our USB branding service.

Not only did we print the USBs for NCL, but we also duplicate data on demand in-house for them. This way the USB sticks themselves contain relevant information for them for a launch event or promotion.

Norwegian Cruise Line sends the data to be loaded we duplicate the data and ship the USBs to them.

In-house USB duplication service

Our in-house USB memory duplication service ensures quick turnaround of duplication of data on demand. Ensuring NCL have what they need for events and promotions when they need them.

Some of our USB sticks were most recently used for the launch of the Norwegian Breakaway a premier cruise liner, in fact, the largest ship built in Germany.

The USBs themselves were used at the press event on the Breakaway itself packed with useful material for attendees.

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