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Poker Chip USB

Poker chip USB & more. Like what we came up with?

We like to be different at Media Plant. Thinking outside of the box so to speak, with that in mind we recently undertook a marketing campaign for the gambling sector.

We created a custom poker chip USB and targeted those in the gambling/casino sector.

The custom poker chip USB itself had data loaded with a website link pointing out the services and products we offer; the poker chip USB then was attached to a flyer with a simple heading entitled ‘Take A Gamble’.

The idea being we wanted to highlight our services through the best method we possibly could, a real-world example of our capabilities.

Our poker chip USB was a roaring success, not only has it had interest from some large gambling companies it has also generated new business in other areas.

Namely, our Video Brochure solution which is an innovative way to get potential customers/clients attention.

There is no better way to grab a business’s attention; sure email is excellent, flyers are good, however, a real tangible physical product can make all the difference!

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