Business Card Video Brochure Project

Business Card Video Brochure

Working with Solent Conference Centre, to innovate and engage.

The Southampton Solent Conference Centre offers stunning architecture and offers amazing spaces for conferences, weddings, team building and more.

It’s aiming to be the go-to venue in the area and taking a look at their website it’s hard to see why it wouldn’t be in the future. You can take a look for yourself here

Media Plant was lucky enough to work with the Solent Conference centre on Business Card Video Brochures, not once but twice. Mainly due to the continued success of their Business Card Video Brochure project!

The Solent Conference Centre to promote their new facility wanted a way to showcase the building and the services it provides. Holding a series of events for local business to see the venue and offer them something to take away, they took the option of a Business Card Video Brochure.

Small and lightweight, the device itself helped promote Solent Conference Centre, long after the actual event itself. By giving local businesses had something to take away and show others via the Business Card Video Brochure.

By being small, it was ideally suited for the dinner table and provided Solent with a new way of reaching out to their intended audience.

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