TLC TV Channel Gets A Custom USB

TLC Custom USB

Custom USB Solution For New TV Channel TLC

Another day, another USB project. Not that we are complaining at all! We are, rather proud of our custom USB for TLC! TLC went through some changes of late; in fact, they had a relaunch party not so long ago with a host of celebs.

TLC came to us with the need for a USB stick for promoting the rebrand of the channel and a shift in focus. What better way to advertise than to have your very own USB stick.

That’s where Joe came in, and being the USB master (to a degree) helped develop a rather striking USB stick that fits in very well with the TV channel brand. As you can see from the photos, the TLC USB is rather splendid; it’s another feather in an already burgeoning Media Plant cap (trumpet blown).

The USB itself is of extremely high build quality, and we like to think that it helped in some part promote TLC.

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