Josh Yates

If he gets any bigger, we’ll have to widen the doors.

About Josh

Josh is the not so new, newbie of the office. Joining the Media Plant team 2 years ago shortly after completing his Business Management Degree at University. 

Josh also has experience in the media manufacturing process, giving him insight to the more technical aspects of the process. 

His focus area is video brochure production, a unique and effective direct mailer marketing tool applicable to all areas of business.

Josh’s studies of business and marketing comes in handy when working with clients on their video brochure projects, offering suggestions and creative solutions.

Of late, Josh has had major success with the retro gaming market, working on projects for the SEGA Dreamcast, and various PC titles. Coupled with numerous projects covering the simulation gaming sector.


Football, Films, going to the gym and finding creative solutions for his clients.


Mushrooms, Prosecco and going to the gym.


Spare time

In his spare time, he loves going to watch the football, or going to the pub with his friends.

Get in touch with Josh

If you’re interested in picking Josh’s brains on Video Brochures, or other tech products, you can reach him on 01793 498045. Failing that, if you don’t have the time for a chat, why not use the contact form, fill in your deets and Josh will be in touch, in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. His words, not ours.

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View some of the projects Josh has worked on

Josh has worked on some super cool projects here at Media Plant, take a look at what he’s been up to.